Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Wednesday June 16th at Famous Faces and Funnies

Will be doing sketches tomorrow at Famous Faces & Funnies with some amazing artists... it'll be me , Jay Leisten... amazing inker and artists in his own right, Clay Mann one of my new favorites... amazing figure work and depth on every character he draws...Nelson Ortega one of the most amazing eyes for layout and design i've met... and Sebastian Piccione .. The most amazing writer i've ever met or read... so come down for some fun free sketches and signing plus some sale as well... 3-7 at Famous Funnies and Faces corner of 192 and Wickham in Melbourne..

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Gargantuan Media said...

This drawing indulges my insatiable kaiju lust! In a good way. I think. Wait. I've possibly said too much.