Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Wizard World Miami Feb 26th 27th

Well this is it.. a while back I was invited to Wizard World Miami..yup invited... I don't know how... I'd love to know how they know who I am... but regardless... I'm excited.. this is it.. this is the year I get my career off the ground. I will not stop until I'm doing comics for a living...So for those of you who follow my facebook ... please add this blog to your list of places to answer and visit... so on Sat and Sun I'll be in Artist Alley doing sketches, selling prints I even have a couple (ok literally 4 LOL) of Freedoms's Man Mine and Sebastian Piccione's created character which I am working on and hope to be finished with by MegaCon this year... I hope to have an ashcan this weeken but if not you can preview the pages at Mega with me. So stop by show your love and support... and to everyone from Sebastian to Willie, Veronica and to Stacy and Izzy... Stacy who helped me get off my ass... and my little Izzy who is my muse.. Thanks all ... CYA.